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10 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile

Many people tend to believe that once you register on a dating site, most of the work is done. 

10 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile

And a lot of lovely Russian brides, American ladies, or Australian girls will be glad to text you immediately. However, if you’re not an LA celebrity lookalike, this will not quite be the case. There is so much competition that you absolutely must stand out. So, here you are in this new dating culture or maybe even it's been a while since you registered, but you haven’t made much progress. Well, if you want to use all of your resources to improve your chances of making a match, you must understand the importance of an online dating profile.

It All Starts with a Photo

Images strike first in the world of online dating because visual perception is everything. You don’t need to post photos of you jumping out of planes, saving puppies, and being surrounded by tons of gorgeous women (hats off for creativity though). But you have to put up something interesting.

Thanks to a psychological phenomenon called “découpe fine” (“fine cutting”), people make a series of micro-judgments based on all of your photos. They assess simple things like the way you dress, your facial expressions, your body language, and your environment. All these little things tell a story about you whether it's true or not. Before putting your photo online, go through this checklist:

  • Is it a recently taken photo?
  • How do you look in the photo? Are you smiling?
  • Does it represent you and your lifestyle?
  • What else is in the photo? Can people see you clearly?
  • What are you wearing? Or not wearing?
  • Is it technically a good photo? Are the points mentioned above displayed in a nice and attractive way?

Believe it or not, a photo with eye contact is not the best way for men to get reactions. If you make eye contact in the photo, then your facial expression doesn't really matter, and your chances have already gone down. Looking at the camera and giving flirty eyes is the worst thing you can do for your dating potential.

Smiling without eye contact in the photo or even better: looking neutral gets the very best results. To compare the best and worst: men who look away from the camera in a neutral way have almost three times as many matches as men who look directly in a flirty way. A lesson for men is that a mysterious profile photo seems to work well.

How to Write a Successful Online Profile

Just having a profile with good photos is not enough. When a person is interested in one of your photos, you have to give them another reason to get in touch. You will, therefore, have to make some extra efforts when creating your profile, but remind yourself that these few minutes spent on this task will count for a lot.

Have a Positive Tone

It’s obvious that in order to attract a woman, you should appear to be someone who is positive and who will cheer her up. This must be seen in your dating profile. Nobody would want to get close or take the first step towards someone who can be described as pessimistic or negative.

This is a basic and understandable idea, but it is always good to keep it at the forefront of your mind. When reading your dating site bio, you must feel that you radiate positive energy and look as an enthusiast that loves life and who loves to take the best from it! Even if you are a bit down and tired of looking for love in vain, don’t mention it in the profile and especially do not complain. Being desperate is a major turn off.

Top 10 words to be used on men's dating profiles:

  • Love
  • Fun
  • Honest
  • Friends
  • Easy
  • Laugh
  • Happy
  • Music
  • Nice
  • Kind

Put Yourself Forward

The goal is to stand out and make an impact. So become your own salesman! If you are particularly good at something or are proud of yourself for some sort of achievement, say it. Put yourself out there and talk about what you do and what you like. You can flatter yourself without necessarily being arrogant or pretentious especially if you use humor to talk about it.

In this way, you will succeed in demonstrating that you have not only succeeded in what you’ve done in your life but also have confidence in yourself, which will make you very attractive. Be frank and do not be afraid to say that you are proud of yourself and what you have accomplished. How else is the other person online supposed to know who you are if don’t tell them?

Be Clear About What You Want

Directly writing what you are looking for will save you time with people who do not have the same intentions as you do. So avoid generalities and make the effort to be precise without being too psycho-rigid and too demanding in your profile. For example, write about your passions and your way of life, avoid meaningless phrases, make clear what you like and dislike. Overall, show that you have some expectations and don’t fall for every person that comes your way.

In the same vein, do not leave room for people that will not interest you so should you avoid wasting time getting to know them when you already know that it will lead nowhere.

Your Humor Will Make the Difference

There is strong competition on a dating site, and sometimes you can be just as good as your competitor. To tip the scales, there is nothing better than humor. Don’t hesitate to use some humorous touches to add some bonus points. Show that you know how to make a woman smile. If you can do that in a couple of sentences, you’ll definitely light up the mood in real life. Here are some tips on dating humor for men with examples.

On the other hand, be careful not to become a comical fellow because this is not the objective. Indeed, too much humor would then lead to a risk of being friend-zoned, which would be a pity after so much effort.

Biggest Mistakes in Dating Profiles

Not Writing a Bio

You may think that putting nothing on your profile makes you look like a distant and mysterious person. In fact, you just look boring, and you give more reasons for your potential matches to say “no thanks”. No matter how attractive you are, people are going to wonder what on earth you’re doing there. Your bio shouldn’t be long, but just 20-40 words would be enough. You can write a few words about what you do in life, two truths and a lie. Literally, anything is better than nothing at all.

Putting Too Many Photos

Just because an app allows you to publish an array of photos doesn’t mean you absolutely must do it. Four or five photos are just right. People tend to look at all the pictures, find one they do not like, and reject you because of this picture. People can well see what you look like with those four or five photos.

Not Having Your Face in the First Picture

The first picture should always be a picture of your face. People make quick decisions so if you're too far away or a little blurry, they'll swipe left paying no attention to your physique.

Emphasizing Your Height

This is a common pet peeve. Some men think that women are looking for men of a certain height and think that’s the only thing they need. When men only talk about their height, it seems like it's the only thing they have to offer. Sure, women who only want a tall guy will appreciate that, but is that all that matters?

Having a Generic-Sounding Profile

Do you want to find someone who makes you laugh? Do you like traveling? Is watching movies your hobby? That describes close to 100% of people. You might as well reveal that you spend most of your time breathing. Instead, don’t be afraid to write something personal.

Having a good understanding of the basic principles will help you make better decisions and use online dating to its full potential. The biggest mistake, however, is taking online dating too seriously. It is important that you approach it in a light-hearted way and have fun.