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10 Tips from Psychologists on How to Become Better at Online Dating

Men often experience difficulties in online dating. Sometimes women stop communicating soon or ignore all attempts to contact them. Often men face false expectations and deceptions. As a result, the search for a woman takes a long time and is sometimes unsuccessful. Using information gathered from psychologists, we have formed 10 tips and tricks that will help you succeed in online dating and find the perfect woman from a great number of Russian brides or ladies from the USA

Tips on How to Become Better at Online Dating

1. Decide Whom You Are Looking For

The first thing you should do as soon as you begin online dating is to decide what kind of relationship you are looking for (long-term or a just couple of dates).

Try to create a mental portrait of a woman: describe her character, habits, and hobbies. Think about what you are willing to accept and what is totally unacceptable to you. This will make it easier to find the right woman.

In addition, you should decide what type of relationship you are looking for. Do not forget to mention it in your profile and describe yourself in the proper way. If you are not looking for a long-term relationship, then you should immediately walk past the women that in their profiles, say that they are looking for a husband or want to build a family since your goals are completely different.

2. Consider Your Priorities

After deciding on your preferences, you should stick to them. Do not waste your time on women who are obviously not suitable for you. If you do not want to face false expectations, try to find as much information about the person you are interested in as possible. For example, you can find her profile on social networks, look at what she writes there, what music she listens to, what she reads, and what she is interested in. In addition, you can learn about her recent partner or possibly a long-standing and emotionally unfinished relationship.

3. Do Not Waste Your Time on Those Who Do Not Respond or Behave Inappropriately

Respect your time. Do not try to get the attention of a person that is not interested in you. It is unlikely that you will adequately communicate with her or move any further.

It is also necessary to limit communication with women who behave inappropriately since it is not clear what goals they are pursuing. Maybe they just lack communication, or they are doing it for fun. Even if you are looking for a short-term relationship, you will not know what to expect from these women on your first date. Do not waste time on unreliable communication as you risk being disappointed and not getting any results.

4. Try to Find out More Information About a Woman

When you meet a woman, try to learn more about her. Feel free to ask questions. For example, you can find out how a woman spends her free time, where she prefers to spend her holidays, and in what direction she sees her future going. It is important that you have similar views, as it makes your communication easier. Do not be afraid to take an active part in the conversation because women like it and feel as if you are leading the dance.

5. Give up Stereotypes and Projections

Temper your skepticism deciding to date online and be open to new relationships. Make up your mind for a pleasant and interesting conversation and open the possibility to find a soulmate.

It is also worth noting that men often draw the image of an incredible woman in their imagination and devoid of negative qualities while texting a woman. So, try not to attribute non-existent qualities to a person.

Also, try not to project your past relationships onto women you're just starting to communicate with. Remember that each person is unique. So, try not to compare a woman with your ex.

6. Avoid Potentially Troublesome People

Firstly, try to avoid women who have recently gone through a divorce or a messy break-up. You run the risk of becoming a short-term replacement or a means of consolation. How can you understand that a woman has recently experienced a breakup? As we said above, this can be seen on her social media profile. Also, she might mention it in a conversation.

Secondly, you should avoid married women. You will have a fear that this woman might leave you or you may have problems with her current husband if he finds out. You won't be able to meet openly, and your relationship will feel incomplete.

Thirdly, if you decide that you can't co-parent and raise someone else’s child, you should avoid women with children. So, if everything is well and you really like the woman, you might still experience some discomfort when dealing with her children, which can lead to an early breakup.

7. Don't Lie

Try not to embellish your qualities while communicating with a woman, as it does not often end well. A woman full of false hopes will cut off communication with you after the first date. No one wants to start a relationship with a lie. Give your partner an opportunity to assess your personality and real qualities.

8. Don't Open up Completely

Don't open up to a person completely and observe the personal distance at online dating and during real dates. Do not share all the details about yourself, especially if you are not asked about it. You do not know for sure, for what purpose the woman began to communicate with you. In case you show your personality completely and immediately, you can scare her or give a chance to deceive you if she had such intentions. After receiving such a negative experience, you can lose confidence or lose faith in honest and sincere communication with other women. Just answer her questions honestly and tell the woman exactly what she is interested in.

9. Show Your Bravery and Confidence

If you feel some constraint in communication or you are afraid of the first date, try to get out of your comfort zone. Sure, it is impossible to become brave and confident with the flip of a switch, but you can develop these qualities gradually. Set yourself tasks and do them. For example, set a goal to ask for a woman’s phone number on the second day of communication and invite her out on a date.

A good way to develop your confidence is to write down all your strengths and positive qualities. You should write down everything, even the most insignificant things. Put this list somewhere next to you and fill it with new qualities that you discover in yourself each day. So, you visualize the positive aspects of your personality, which will make you a more confident person.

10. Be Cheerful and Optimistic

It is enough to become an optimist and enjoy life without paying special attention to the problems to date with a woman easily. This approach makes it simpler to learn from your mistakes and do exactly what brings you pleasure.

Go for only the optimist acts in spite of fear and failure. Acting optimistically, you will set a positive direction in communication with a woman from the very beginning. In this case, the woman will trust you earlier, and communication will be easier.

Following these recommendations and tips, you will succeed at online dating and keep yourself away from unnecessary experiences and disappointments. The main thing is to always be yourself and listen to your soul.