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Pros of this dating site

Cons of this dating site

Fake Profiles. Most of the reviews posted online show that some of the women’s profiles are fake. On the homepage, there are images of very beautiful women, who do not appear real to many people. In addition, most of the ladies on the profile are stunningly beautiful which is questionable. But people always say that Russian women are beautiful. So, this is something that you shouldn’t worry about. Some people have complained that the site is faking some profiles as a way of enticing more people to register. In fact, some people say that the site pays translators who are always available. These translators respond to messages. Also, they send you messages. As you respond to the messages, credits are being deducted. But there are some profiles having multiple images which prove that they are real profiles.

Scams. scam is a major concern. In fact, most of the reviews show that the site is a scam. There have been complaints about local agencies working with There are some people who have complained that the site recruits women and pay them to chat with men on the platform. Of course, chatting with women is all about spending money. Moreover, people have complained of receiving computer generated messages. The moment you log into the site, a lot of messages are sent to your inbox. Most members do not believe that these are real women responding to messages instantly. As you respond to these many messages, credits are being deducted from your account.

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