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Pros of this dating site

Cons of this dating site

Calls Cannot Go Through. Some people have complained of fax and toll-free numbers not working especially those who do not reside in US continent. Some calls go through but a good number of them are unsuccessful. Regular toll numbers, video chat, and email address work fine, though.

Untrustworthy Girls. Some of the girls on the platform have lower trust rates. There are also women who aren’t real or maybe they are not serious. It is important to check the girl’s background, for instance, full names and city of residence before sending her messages is also costly since translation services are included. It is also costly to open letters from women who do not have internet access because they have to respond from their local agencies.

There are also incidences of members being scammed. scam results in the loss of sensitive information or money, which in most cases are unrecoverable. There have also complaints about local agencies that work with Many of these agencies are questionable. Members are exhorted to report such cases for immediate action.

Expensive Letters. Most of the reviews show that letters from some girls cost more than $9 to open. This is because these women receive tons of messages from different men. Opening letters from women who do not understand English

Video chat is not available

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