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Dating Humor for Men: Tips on Joking

Let’s imagine for a second that you don’t know anything about dating. You are once again a teenager, who is simultaneously both excited and frightened to death before going on your first date. So, what should you do in 2019 if you lack expertise in something?

Dating Humor for Men: Tips on Joking

 That’s right, you Google it. So, you find a lot of articles about dating and what do you notice? Each and every article says that you have to be funny and make your date laugh. For example, Men’s Health states that 62% of women think that a sense of humor is the number one quality in their ideal man. An impressive number, huh? Of course, just being funny is not enough to make a  girl fall in love with you. However, laughter is a great tool to reduce the tension between the two of you and make both of you more comfortable.
Fun fact for you: world-known magazine Cosmopolitan claims that men who are funny and make women laugh more are usually better in bed.

But what if you have trouble with your sense of humor? It is nothing to be ashamed of as it is just the way you are. There are a lot of ways to upgrade your funny bone. For example, you can take stand-up classes. Or prepare some jokes or stories beforehand. It will not make you a world-famous comedian, but it may be enough to break the ice between you and your date. This article will tell you about the right way to land your jokes and about the jokes you should never ever tell.

How to Improve Your Inner Comedian

It has already been mentioned that there are ways to improve your humor skills. For example, taking stand-up classes, where you will be taught how you create a joke in the first place and how to present it so that your audience would like it. And more importantly, they will teach you how to stop being afraid of speaking in front of people and use their energy for your benefit. And that’s one of the most important things, in our honest opinion. Your joke may not be that brilliant, however, if you present it in the right manner, use your charisma, or maybe add some funny gestures, the joke will work! It is not as often as you may think that a joke, in and of itself, makes everyone laugh so hard that their belly hurts. It’s a combination of the joke plus your charisma and also the way you present it! Think about it because we all have a friend that we think is really funny. Are their stories and jokes really that hilarious? Or is it mostly the way they tell them? So overall, yes, it is good when you can come up with a good amusing story, but it is only half of the battle.

Preparing a Joke

Now let’s talk about finding jokes on the internet and then trying to use them in real life. Well, it’s actually very simple. This doesn’t work. Or it works, but only in 1 of 10 scenarios. Why is this so? Mostly, because these already-prepared-internet-jokes are based on specific topics such as love for grilled cheese. But the thing is that you can’t just shoot out this joke in the middle of the conversation! Just imagine how weird it would be if you were talking about NASA and Elon Musk and then all of a sudden you are joking about grilled cheese? With no connection to the previous topic, this just doesn’t make any sense, and your joke even if it is gold goes to waste.

How to Tell a Story

Story-telling is also a bit more complicated than it sounds. In this case, even if you are a pro at telling jokes and you know how to deliver, you still may fail. Why? It has to do with some funny moments, which will make your story or joke more amusing. These things happened in a very particular circumstance and only because of it these moments were funny. And the person, who was not there when it all happened, just wouldn’t understand why the joke is funny. So that’s the trick too: choose what stories to tell wisely.

Basically, the main idea of being funny is just trying not to overdo it. Don’t be too tense trying to remember a joke or telling your date a 15 minute long “hilarious” story. Just be yourself! When it all goes naturally, the effect is much better.

Jokes You Should Never Tell

Now, let’s talk about the jokes that your date should never have to listen to. For sure, there are women that will like all of the jokes listed below. However, these women are more the exception to the rule. Usually, the girls will just leave you there and go away. Unless that was your plan all along.

About Other Girls

Do not joke about other girls. Women usually do not find it funny when a man says something “hilarious” about their exes or even random girls you see at the street. Female solidarity at its best, you know.

About Something Very Specific

You may be a certified engineer and you may like jokes about your job a lot. However, your girl isn’t necessarily an engineer as well. Thus, she simply would not understand your inside jokes and there will be an awkward pause. Isn’t this the last thing you want to happen on a date?
The same applies to sports. Again, you may know a lot about baseball or the NBA, you can enumerate all the players on all of the teams, and you know a whole lot of extremely hilarious jokes about it. But you should keep in mind that girls are not usually that into sports. So, it is possible that she might not understand what you’re talking about.

Cheesy and Rude Ones

Who doesn’t love old bad jokes about something so disgusting that only close friends can share it? Well, the answer was in the question. Maybe your girl loves all these jokes, and you will be happy to find this out, but do not dump them all on her at once and do some recon first. For all you know, she might be the kind of person that will not stand if you say a strong word. So, baby steps, okay?

About Politics or Religion

One should know that this topic is a taboo not only for jokes but in general when you are on a date. You do not know the person in front of you yet! Especially if you date a woman from a different country. You do not know exactly what can be hilarious for serious Russian brides or ladies from any other country. Talking about politics or religion can escalate the situation pretty quickly. If you do not share the same opinion, imagine what a disaster a bad joke can be! No one likes it when other people mock them for what they believe in. No wonder that the girl would like to leave you at the table after this. So in order to avoid this type of situation be careful what you say.

About Her Looks or Her Weight

Okay, now this is a very important point so listen carefully. Never, never, never, ever joke about how your date looks. Yes, maybe her makeup is not that great today or you find the form of her nose hilarious, but you still cannot joke about it. It is rude and inappropriate and can easily offend a girl. The same applies to weight. Women are generally obsessed with their weight, and even the slightest thing can bring them into an abyss of self-doubts. And you joking about her being too big or too thin is just wrong. So, just never do that, okay?

About Personnel

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a high-end restaurant or at the nearest café, but do not make a joke about people who work there. This is the type of behavior that will not do you any good. The girl sees how you devalue their work and how you mock them and thinks that one day you will make the same jokes about her.

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