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Online Dating Profile Analysis for Men: Ladies’ Profiles

Men often have some difficulties finding a woman if they are engaged in career advancement or have had negative past relationships. To start a relationship with a woman isn't the easiest decision because it requires a lot of emotional investment.

Online Dating Profile Analysis for Men

However, you will have a lot of positive moments and promising opportunities if you take the decision to choose your beloved seriously. The first thing you'll see will be her profile. Today, we will tell you how to analyze a girl's profile and find your soulmate among thousands of Russian brides, Ukrainian ladies or American girls.

Pay Attention to the Photos

Unfortunately, photos do not often show the real appearance of a person. A large number of filters, photoshop, and other ways to alter a photo can trick you. The winning option is to focus on a less attractive photo as it will often be closer to reality. Do not trust photos taken in the studio as a professional photographer has definitely worked on it.

If a woman has no photos at all, there is a possibility that she has something to hide. Perhaps she is not confident, or her profile was created for the sake of a joke so you just lose time in pursuing her.

There are cases when women download old photos. This phenomenon is especially common among middle-aged women. So, pay attention to what the girl is wearing and the background of the photo. It will allow you to determine the time when the photo was taken.

Also, photos can tell you the ways a girl likes to spend her time, what types of people she communicates with, and what she enjoys. So, carefully analyze her photos to reach some conclusions and decide whether or not she is right for you.

A Woman Should Have Her Own Interests

Go through the woman’s profile carefully. It’s good if she points out her interests and hobbies. You can also notice this by looking at her photos. Choose a woman that follows a rich and fulfilling lifestyle. Such a lady will be more open to communication. She will be able to share her interests with you and tell you something new.

If a woman has no interests at all or is limited by listening to music and watching videos on YouTube, then communication with her probably makes you feel bored.

Common Interest

We have determined that a woman should have her own interests, but some of your hobbies should still match. Having the same interests is a guarantee of pleasant communication. Sure, common interests do not guarantee that this girl is your perfect match, but you will definitely have something to talk about. For example, if both of you like to travel, then you will be able to discuss the most incredible trips, interesting places, or plans for future trips. If you do not understand the interests of a woman, or the location looks boring and does not make you want to know more about it, you should not write to this woman.

Similar Goals

Every man has a specific purpose for dating. You can plan a long-term relationship, but it is also possible that you are looking for a woman to go on a couple of dates with and just have a good time together. Women also have certain goals. If a woman is looking for a serious relationship, she probably indicates it on her profile. In this case, she is less likely to agree to just spend a night together. In any case, your goals should be the same so you should find out in advance what the motives of the woman you are interested in are. If she doesn't mention it in her profile, be sure to check it out at the beginning of the conversation. This way you will be sure that you don’t waste your time by pursuing someone in vain.

The Interrelation of Physical and Emotional Attractiveness

No one argues that people primarily pay attention to the appearance of their interlocutors in online dating. Of course, it is important that you find the woman physically attractive so you have a desire to compliment her and take care of her. But no matter how beautiful a woman is, it is also essential that she satisfies you emotionally. Look at her profile and see how she describes herself. Women put the features of their personality in this description. If a woman is tedious and boring, then her profile will be unattractive and grey. If a woman sees the world as bright and positive, she will also write about herself in the same way.

The Way a Woman Picks up Words

It is important what emotional message woman's profile carries, but you also should pay close attention to how she chooses her words. This is an essential step in the analysis of the profile as the woman's speech reflects her age, social status, and sexual orientation. In addition, you can make her psychological portrait depending on how she chooses her words. For example, if a woman primarily describes her appearance and physical parameters, she may not be confident in herself as a person.

Her Requirements

You can often find a description of what kind of man a woman is looking for. It is vital to understand what she expects from a man and whether or not you are right for her. There are women that want to have an equal relationship, and there are women for whom it is crucial that the man plays a leading role in their relationship, and so on. The woman can also write what bad habits she will never be able to accept. In case this information is not in her profile, it is important to know this at the beginning of your relationship.

Who to Avoid?

Finally, let's discuss who is not worth writing at all, and you should just swipe past their profiles.

First of all, decide on your purpose for online dating. If you are looking for a woman with whom you plan to build a family, then you should avoid careless and inconsistent women. Such ladies usually post photos where they are literally naked and write that they are looking for adventures.

Secondly, you should avoid women with a lot of self-esteem issues as all this baggage will fall on your shoulders. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid women that write that they are ordinary, of standard beauty, etc. Also, if they post the same type of photos where only one part of the body is visible this suggests that they have may have an issue about the appearance. There is no woman that is completely satisfied with herself, but it is much easier to communicate with a person that has accepted her shortcomings and/or treats them with humor.

Thirdly, you should avoid women that are too busy. Every man dreams of returning to a warm and cozy home after a hard day at work, and his wife will be waiting for him. But with this type of woman, this will never happen. Your lady will be so busy that after work that you will also have to help her do routines around the house not to mention the lack of sex. Even in the case of a short-term relationship, it will be difficult for you to enjoy your time together as she will probably think about work all the time. How can you see such a woman? Often they are proud of their career achievements and share them on their profile. Also, she may have photos from work, from which you can draw certain conclusions. In any case, you can understand this at the very beginning of communication with a woman.

Psychologists suggest avoiding desperate women because they can unintentionally harm your self-esteem and emotional health. It is easy to find out if this is the type of woman you are seeing. Desperate women often want to move to the “serious” phase of the relationship quickly; especially if they are a little older than you. They often start talking about children on the first date. These women put this information on their profiles and start a conversation about the family at the beginning of communication. As much as she may seem honest about her feelings for you, you're probably just one of the potential spouses.

In any case, listen to your heart first. Of course, it is better not to lose your head in love, but do not rule out romance and listen to your inner voice.

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